This is a new portrait painting of my grandson, also called William. It’s quite large by my recent standards, as I have been painting a lot of small plein air paintings recently. I gave the painting to William at his third birthday party last Sunday, and he seemed quite excited by it, but then as he was opening all his other presents he was already pretty hyper!

People sometimes ask me what I would paint if I didn’t have to sell the work, and I suppose portraits are probably my most favourite subject. As I am not a portrait painter I rarely get asked to do them, so it always makes a nice change from landscapes and town scenes. Unfortunately this means that I don’t get to practice them as much as other subjects, but it makes it all the more fascinating when I do. When you paint every day it’s very enjoyable to learn how to paint something new and different.



I have just returned from a plein air painting session at Devils Bridge in Kirkby Lonsdale. The sunshine always makes it a pleasant experience to paint outdoors, and as autumn is almost here there may not be many more days when it’s warm enough to paint by the river.

This viewpoint of the bridge makes for a very pleasing composition for a painting. Good composition is vital for the success of any painting, the best technique and drawing skills will not retrieve a bad composition. So having quickly sketched in the drawing with a thinned down burnt umber, I blocked in the shapes and covered the surface with the colours and tones, as close as possible to what I could see.

After a very interesting conversation with a gentleman who appeared out of the river, apparently out for a swim, I decided to move on to another location, and finish this one in the studio.


I have been out painting at Ruskin’s View early this morning. I started an oil painting yesterday in the afternoon and by the time I had finished working the sun was behind me. This meant that all the greens were blending into each other and I was struggling to get any definition. So this morning the light was coming in from my right, giving me some good shadow areas and nice contrasting shapes. There is still plenty of work to be done on it, but I’m a lot happier with the direction it is now taking.



Saturday on Main Street is an oil painting of Kirkby Lonsdale which I have published as a signed print. It is available framed or mounted in my gallery (The William H Jones Studio) or here on my website

It is a reminder of those heady days in the pre-social distancing era, which now seems such a long time ago. Although on recent trips down Main Street and in other towns, this scene is rapidly becoming more and more common place.

I once sold a painting to some customers in Kirkby Lonsdale, and when I deleivered it, I noticed a lovely small oil painting of Paris on their wall. I was so taken by it that I decided to see if I could make Kirkby Lonsdale appear a little more French. So this is my attempt at a more continental style Main Street. A little while ago someone looking at the print and unprompted by me, commented that it looked a little bit like Paris, I can’t tell you how gratifying that was!

My gallery is now open by appointment, just give us a call on 015242 71124

You can also see many of my paintings at


High Stile and Coastal Light are the names of two of my oil paintings which have been in the brilliant Northern Lights Gallery in Keswick. I want to say a big thank you to Tim Fisher who owns the gallery for selling both paintings in the last week to different clients.

He does a great job in keeping the gallery open every day, on his own, as all the staff are furloughed and is also holding solo exhibitions by featured artists on the top floor of the gallery. If you are ever in the LakeDistrict it’s well worth a visit to Keswick to check it out. There are dozens of artists represented and lots of beautiful sculpture and glassware on three floors.

High Stile is a mountain in the Lake District overlooking Crummock Water and Buttermere. My painting was created at the south end of the beck which leads towards Buttermere.

Coastal Light is all about the light and my attempts at a looser less detailed rendering of the landscape or in this case seascape. The endless fascination of painting in oils comes with the realisation that there are so many techniques and effects which can be explored just with the brushwork alone. I find I sometimes have to try to move away from overstating every detail about the subject, which is I suppose my natural instinct. The truth is I’m always learning something new about painting, which, as in any occupation is the thing that always brings you back for more.


The William H Jones Studio re-opens and is now ready for business again after the lock-down period. There will be some small changes for your safety and comfort, for example we will operate on an appointment only basis. A quick phone call to make sure we’re here is all it takes, on 015242 71124. The gallery space is quite small so appointments will help regulate footfall. We will be following current government guidelines whilst maintaining a welcoming environment.

There are always a healthy amount of original paintings on the walls, mostly oil paintings with some original pastels on sandpaper. We also have a range of prints which have been published from original paintings. There are many images of Kirkby Lonsdale and the surrounding areas, other subjects include the Lake District, dogs, Venice, flowers and landscapes. These are framed in silver finished wooden frames with a black edge, or unframed in double mounts, and most of them are available here on this website.

Some of the prints are available in a smaller version in small black frames. We have published a range of greeting cards from a variety of these images which are only available from the gallery.


Early Morning is the very latest painting I have completed, and is now in the frame and on the wall here at the gallery. It is an original oil painting and in fact I was finishing off some little details just this morning. It was the light coming through the trees in the churchyard at St Mary’s Kirkby Lonsdale which attracted me, and I find I’m always looking for light effects to inspire me to paint. In these days of lock-down I found myself alone in the early morning light and hence no figures appear in the painting.

Usually the best time to paint light for an artist is either early in the morning or in the evening in what I like to call the Golden Hour. In June, in the weather we have had recently, it’s almost impossible to paint in the midday sun, as I discovered this week in the middle of a field, and I quickly found the shade next to a beck.

I really enjoyed painting in the churchyard with only the birdsong as a soundtrack, it is very enjoyable, although it is quite a tense occupation having to concentrate for long periods. But there are worse jobs!

I’m very happy to say that after only a week or so this painting has just been bought by two of my best customers.


Market Street Kirkby Lonsdale is my latest oil painting, and after returning from my framer, its in the gallery now. It was started last summer, before we started social distancing, and has been varnished and framed ready to go.

I love this part of Kirkby Lonsdale, the architecture and the interesting slight curve of the street, and in summer it’s always busy with shoppers. The white painted Sun Inn has always been a popular destination for visitors and locals, and it was this building which stands out in the sunshine that inspired me to paint this scene.

I hope that I can see this street as busy as it is in my painting again as soon as possible.


High Stile Buttermere is an oil painting which I painted last year on a very pleasant painting day trip to the Lake District. I love to get up to the northern parts of the lakes and Buttermere is usually quite peaceful to paint, with not too many visitors. It’s always a pleasure to be there but also usually quite tense trying to produce something meaningful, or even just something which isn’t headed for the unfinished cupboard!

I loved the high horizon in this one which focuses the eye on the meandering beck leading to the lake. I think I captured a sense of the quiet tranquility of the day with warm colours in the foreground leading to the cooler distance. Sometimes you only appreciate the painting back at home as the tension needed to paint is gone.


This is another new painting which has just been collected from our framer, the brilliant Bowland Picture Framers. It is an oil painting of Barkin Beck in the beautiful valley which runs from Gawthrop and Dent to Barbon. I positioned myself facing the sun beside the beck so as to catch the light glinting in the water. The grass is very bright green in springtime and it’s hard to avoid painting it with over-saturated colour. The only sounds were of birdsong and the trickling of the water in the beck which made it a very pleasant morning to be working outside.