Early Morning

Early Morning is the very latest painting I have completed, and is now in the frame and on the wall here at the gallery. It is an original oil painting and in fact I was finishing off some little details just this morning. It was the light coming through the trees in the churchyard at St Mary’s Kirkby Lonsdale which attracted me, and I find I’m always looking for light effects to inspire me to paint. In these days of lock-down I found myself alone in the early morning light and hence no figures appear in the painting.

Usually the best time to paint light for an artist is either early in the morning or in the evening in what I like to call the Golden Hour. In June, in the weather we have had recently, it’s almost impossible to paint in the midday sun, as I discovered this week in the middle of a field, and I quickly found the shade next to a beck.

I really enjoyed painting in the churchyard with only the birdsong as a soundtrack, it is very enjoyable, although it is quite a tense occupation having to concentrate for long periods. But there are worse jobs!

I’m very happy to say that after only a week or so this painting has just been bought by two of my best customers.

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